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[Bulk Order Samples] Turn Drawings into Plushies

Upload Your Artwork

You can select up to 3 photos. Not sure which one to choose? Complete the order now and send them later.

Turnaround Time

This is the time frame from when we receive your artwork to when you receive the package. The timeline of Expedite orders may extend if design confirmation or preview by customers is not completed within 24 hours. The add-on fee will be returned if the expedite queue is full.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    We stand behind every plush we make. If our products have any defects, contact us within 90 days and we are willing to give you a full refund.
  • Free Preview Before Delivery
    Not sure if you'll like it? No problem. We'll confirm with you the photo of your finished plush via email or SMS. Quick touch-up is available based on your needs.
  • Delivery
    Shipping Time
    We now offer two shipping methods:
    Standard Shipping
    Cost: $4.99
    Time:11-13 business days to US, UK, FR, DE, NZ, CA, 15-18 business days to other countries.
    Urgent Shipping
    Cost: $24.95
    Time: 5-7 business days to the UK, 4-6 business days to other countries.
    Production Time
    Every plushie is handmade with care, and take 1-3 weeks to make.
    Turnaround Time
    The overall turnaround time is 2-6 weeks, depending primarily on the turnaround time option and shipping method you choose. Visit our shipping page for more detailed info.

Make it just like your drawing

Surprise your little ones by turning their artwork into huggable creatures! Our plushies make a wonderful response to kids' creativity.
  • 100% handmade by experienced designers
  • 100% Money-back guarantee
  • Wordwide Shipping
  • Excellent customer service experience

We can turn everything into plushies

  • Kids' drawings
  • Book characters
  • Illustrations
  • Mascots
  • Video game characters
  • Or anything you love...


  • Can I add text to my plush?
    Why not! It is still free now. Just leave us a note while describing your plushie. We recommend you keep the text short (under 20 characters) so that words have enough room to display themselves.
  • Can I make my plushie in other sizes?
    Absolutely yes. The price would be a bit different though. Please contact us if you are interested in other sizes.
  • What material do you use?
    We use materials that come from qualified manufacturers. The fillings are all 100% PP cotton. The shell for plushies is crystal super soft plush. We may adopt other fabrics if you have special requests for them, or if we consider there are other fabrics best fit your design.
  • How do you ensure I'll get the plush I want?
    The first thing is we take quite a lot of time looking into your artwork and discussing how to best realize some detail. For anything unsure, we don't guess or skip, instead, we'll sort out questions and fully communicate them with you.
    After production, we also have a preview stage for you, during which you'll be able to see the finished plush and let us do some modifications if there is anything that doesn't meet your expectation. Unless we don't have your reply for three days, we'll not ship your plushie out without your approval.
  • My artwork is very abstract, would it work?
    Honestly, in the beginning, we were shouting in our head every day -- They drew what?! That's not gonna work.
    However, we are constantly surprised by the unique plushies we made with "they drew what" artworks. They are more than great and seem to have their own life, and we believe it is because they are the result of imagination and our interest in exploring every detail with you.
  • Why it is not cheap?
    You may find out we are actually cheaper than alternative merchants. But still, we know it is a bit expensive for many, mostly because every plush has to be handmade. From 3D rendering to cutting & sewing, the whole process is very time-consuming, however, we don't want it to be rushed either. After making so many plushies, we deeply understand that the time we put into it makes a difference.
Still have questions? Contact us now.

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