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Interest in how we bring our plushies into life? Here is the journey of a plush!

1. Starting with your photo and idea. To create your special cuddly friend, we'll let you be the principal designer! Send us the photo, and let us know the specific details you'd like your stuffie to have.
2. Designing & Prototyping. Officially it is our turn now. Keeping your needs in mind (After we fully communicate with you), we'll first turn your drawing or selfie into a cartoon prototype, which will act as a crafting guide in the later steps.
3. Looking for proper fabrics. According to the prototype, our makers will start looking for out-layer fabrics. As right colors and patterns matter a lot, determining them involves multiple confirmations.
4. Cutting & Sewing & Stuffing. Once fabrics are prepared, we'll cut them into our desired shapes, sew the parts together, and make them alive with soft white fillings!
5. Inspecting & Get your approval. Even a stuffed creation looks great, it hasn't been done before our inspection regarding safety and craft. If everything is right, we'll send a photo of this new friend to you. To make it closer to your desired effect, we also provide a round of free touch-up at this stage.

We use materials that come from qualified manufacturers. The fillings are all 100% PP cotton. The shell for plushies is crystal super soft plush, while for pillows, it is polyester.

For artwork and selfie plushies, our production time is 1-3 weeks.

For other products, our current product time is 3-5 business days.

Please note the production time doesn't include the shipping time.

Our items are packed in vacuum and well wrapped with a beautiful gift bag. When your package arrives, you may need to tap your plushie or pillow a few times to let it recover to its original shape.

No, for safety concerns, all parts of our plushies are firmly stitched together. But, a beautiful part of customization is we'll never turn you down because something is standardized. If you would prefer your plush to be removable, just leave us a note when placing your order.

We recommend spot cleaning. Use a cloth dipped with detergent to wipe the plush surface gently, and wipe out the soap with a clean cloth.  Then, air dry your plush by putting it in ventilation spaces. It is better not to use hair dryers for which may cause slight deforming.


Once your order is shipped, we'll inform you with multiple shipping emails notifying the newest shipping status, all of which contain an order tracking link for you to get more detail of the shipping status.

Yes. We are very glad to make and deliver sweet, cuddly stuffies for people across the world. Plushy Gift has collaborated with a wide range of shipping carriers to ensure you get the best delivery option with speed, location, and cost considerations.

For the concerns of speed and price, we now offer two shipping methods:

* Standard Shipping- $4.99. It takes 11-13 business days to US, UK, FR, DE, NZ, 15-18 business days to other countries.

* Urgent Shipping - $24.95. It takes 5-7 business days to the UK, 4-6 business days to other countries.

Order Issues

Before your order goes into production--Absolutely yes. Our customer service will respond to this kind of request as soon as possible. For orders our makers have started working on or already shipped out, we are unable to cancel it for free due to the occurring cost.

A note:

We are sorry if you are going to cancel an order. Anything didn't go well as you want? It would be appreciated if you can leave us your feeback to help us do better on your needs.

Our order lead time is 2-6weeks, depending primarily on the turnaround time option and shipping method you choose. Before shipping our items out, it takes us around 1-3 weeks to make a plush, and 3-5 business days to make other custom products; after that we'll take a photo of it and confirm with you if what you ordered is plushies. Never letting customers wait too long is one of our priorities. While we've managed to keep our order processing time faster than average, we'll still need your patience for the possible delay due to some uncontrollable factors during shipping.

Of course! Once you find the item detail you ordered needs a modification, contact us as soon as possible. We'll check with our makers if they've started working on it. If they haven't yet, we'll put the detail right for you. If your order has been in production, there is no much we can do to change an existing item, therefore an extra fee is needed to redo your order. We charge it based on the product you ordered:

* For plushies transformed from drawings, it is 50% of the product price.
* For plushies transformed from selfies, it is 80% of the product price.
* For photo pillows, it is 30% of the product price.

Our customer service will submit our refund request right away when an order is canceled, but the request takes some time to process. Normally, your refund will be returned to your account within 4-7 business days.

Yes, we do! Let us learn more about you by contacting us via E-email or the live chat below (If we are offline, leave us your contact info and message).

Mostly, you don't need to. While some additional tax fees may occur in some countries, our product prices cover tax/customs duties for our main sale countries, including the United States and European countries.

Yes, please contact us as quickly as possible if you need to change your shipping address after placed an order, as we are only able to do that before your order shipped out.

We support Paypal, and various credit card payments, including Visa, Master, and American Express. Google Pay and Apple Pay are supported as well.

Return & Refunds

We are very sorry to hear that!

As you may agree, there are a thousand ways to transform a drawing or selfie into a plush, and the way we choose is to look into your description and photo carefully so that we can make our way close to yours. While each creation goes through multiple inspections to do that, it is still possible that our interpretation doesn't fit your ideal image.

It is not ideal, but let's move on and make it better. If some minor changes to your plush can help, we'll do it for free. But if there is no way for us to change it, we'd like to make a new one with your specific request and a 50% discount.

We are very sorry to hear that. Please get in touch with us with a clear photo of your flawed item within ten days your item arrived. We'll follow up once we see the photo.

We are sorry for that. Please contact us if you didn't receive your package. Once we confirm it, we'll issue you a full refund or resend the package for you.